SaptaSwara – Quest for Inner Folding & Outer Excellence

Our Current Context

Most of us are aware that we are fast approaching an inflection point. We live amidst great wealth and fast growth as well as dire poverty, industrial expansion along with environmental and cultural destruction. We don’t seem to have discovered a way of responding to these challenges in a meaningful and holistic way.

 The Seven keys: Amidst such rapid flux and fragmentation, each of us is faced with the important questions: “Do I have a meaningful inner life? Do I strive for excellence in all the ways in which I express myself?  How am I dealing with the uncertain world as it exists today?  If a person is feeling unsure within, then one finds it hard to respond adequately to life’s challenges and lacks energy and motivation.

 A person who has a deep and meaningful inner-life is able to conduct one’s own life with greater skill and ease, and provide able leadership for the empowerment of others too apart from one’s own. In order to get to such a state, one is invited to put into practice the SaptaSwaras – the seven key values and practices that can provide the foundation for a beautiful and harmonious life. 

The SaptaSwara is a framework that is a convergence of over four decades of serious study and practice. It is a set of seven values-inaction based on the energy of the Chakras that a harmonious and meaningful life is replete with. 

They are:

  1. Maithri:  understanding one’s relationships
  2. Karma: action based on courage and conviction
  3. Dharma: actions that enliven the context
  4. Jnyaana: learning and enquiry
  5. Ramya: action that is inspiring and joyous
  6. Yoga: personal alignment
  7. Abhyaasa: continuous collective practice

The SaptaSwara Experience:

  • A ‘here and now’ encounter with oneself, where the participants get in touch with parts of themselves and habit patterns that they haven’t yet understood very well. 
  • A contemplative context for self-reflection on the various roles one has taken up and action choices made in these spaces. 
  • An experiential learning about the insights of Yoga and Vaastu
  • A framework for developing an enduring personal practice, that would enable a greater embodiment of the SaptaSwaras in one’s everyday life.

The SaptaSwara practice will help you:

  • Be the best that you can be
  • Create the inner harmony essential to lead a joyous life
  • Build collaborative and nurturant relationships
  • Discover one’s center in a VUCA world
  • Build Resilience deal with the constantly changing world