Our Five Seats of Power programme is an inside out approach to leadership management. In today’s fast-changing world of skills what remains constant is human behaviour. Therefore it becomes important for people to understand their inner emotions and propensities in order to effectively cultivate “inner will”.

The challenge that faces the current leadership is that it relies on a cognitive approach, which works only when the external environments are predictive. It believes knowledge is power; is prescriptive, and provides answers and a toolkit rather than igniting the mind. It looks at the leader as a person rather than leadership as a process and focuses on IQ and the need for control rather than developing EQ.

In reality, though, the key factors of meaningful and sustainable leadership are self-awareness, contextual awareness and ethical use of power. One of the most insightful frameworks through which the leadership process can be succinctly understood is the Mahabharata. The epic illustrates five forms of power that reside in each of us, the ways in which they manifest and how they can be shaped to benefit oneself and one’s context simultaneously. Understanding one’s natural tendency to behave in a particular manner, valuing oneself the way one is, believing and actioning one’s convictions and demonstrating “the best one can be” lays the basis for any determined action.

This module enables one to discover, commit to and anchor themselves in their heroic potential and wield it responsibly. It involves discovering resilience, capacity and self-mastery to navigate today’s world, building leadership capacities of people across hierarchies who can face the disrupted world with courage and conviction. This model has been deployed extensively in many organizations in transforming culture and achieving business turn-around.

Key Practices in this Module Include:

–              Internalizing the 5 Seats of Power

–              Observing their functional and dysfunctional manifestations

–              Asking the 5 key Questions

The five essential questions that participants will have to ask themselves are:

–              Who am I?

–              Where am I?

–              Why am I here?

–              In doing what I am doing, what am I really doing?

–              How am I part of the problem – how can I be a part of the solution?

The 5 Seats of Power Programme will help you to:

–              Discover your unique configuration of the 5 Seats via an online instrument

–              Working with a coach to decipher the Pandava Profile* and apply the concepts

*This is a detailed report on your natural gifts, talents and leadership styles. The same is discussed in detail during the duration of the program.


The turbulence of the VUCA world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity is not limited as something external to the organization but is also mirrored within the internal processes and systemic realities. In our attempt to decode this complex environment, it is essential to view the business as a dynamic interplay of five key and distinct voices that make divergent demands on it. They include:

Voice of Customer

Voice of Deliverability

Voice of Wealth

Voice of Associates

Voice of Dharma

These diverse voices coexist and often compete for the attention of organizational leadership. They are constantly morphing and changing and the demands they impress upon the relationship are equally challenging as well. Each voice in its dynamics with the others has its convergent pulls that create a sense of continuity and stability. However, this interplay also exhibits a series of discontinuous pushes that create divergences within the system. The 5 Voices of Business help the aspirant use their inner will into the business space and help visualize the “best I can be”. It does so by grounding you in the reality of the today, yet allowing you to dream of building capabilities that shape the future, and also keep you ready to respond to the unknown demands of the future. 

The key Practices in this module include:

  • Listening to the 5 voices of business
  • Defining the strategic gap between current & required future capabilities
  • Storyboarding the narrative of the emergent future

SaptaSwara – The 7 Keys to a Beautiful Life

We live in a world characterised by change and constant questioning. Re-envisioning the self in response to a rapidly changing world therefore is a tremendous challenge. The question arises: How can we lead our lives ensuring that our actions stem from a place of honour and inner peace? The answer is SaptaSwara.

Sashikala and Raghu Ananthanarayanan, the authors of SaptaSwara have designed a unique programme that allows the participant to discover a personal practice that will help them come up with their own unique answers to their quest. Each participant will be enabled with the tools to design a personal practice that will help them act with intensity and conviction as well as evolve inwardly. SaptaSwara incorporates various traditions, their wisdom and practices, and has come up with principles which can lead more fulfilling lives. Through discussions with eminent philosophers, vedantins and yogis, Sashikala and Raghu have come up with seven keys that capture the quintessence of the Dharmic traditions of India. These are:

  1. Maithri: understanding one’s relationships
  2. Karma: action based on courage and conviction
  3. Dharma: actions that enliven the context
  4. Jnyaana: learning and enquiry
  5. Ramya: action that is inspiring and joyous
  6. Yoga: personal alignment
  7. Abhyaasa: continuous collective practice

The SaptaSwara programme will provide an opportunity for the participant to:

  • Understand the Value each of the keys, reflect on them and internalise a practice to create a firm foundation 
  • Introspect upon and clarify the intent
  • Introspect upon the relationship between outer expression and inner processes.
  • Discover practices that will help people harness their will
  • Discover inner energies and potentials and weave them into the goals desired
  • Develop a foundation of interpersonal ethics and intrapersonal discipline
  • Introspect upon the way one holds and gives meaning to life

The SaptaSwara is a  four-day programme. It will be enabled by a team of two facilitators. The ideal number of participants is 20. People with 3-5 years of work experience, and aspiring to take up leadership positions will benefit from the programme.


The past has never been a more unreliable source of knowledge and stability as it is today.  Leadership in today’s context calls for digging deep within, both for discovering one’s anchorage and meaning, as well as to tap into one’s intuition and insight in order to discover adequate responses to the challenges one faces. Therefore, will, more than skills, is the primary component that determines one’s ability to succeed in Leadership roles. 

Quinnergy’s customized programs allow organizations to develop leadership “will and skill” needed to face such a dynamic leadership context. Programs are offered from the junior to the senior most level of the organizations and are fully customized to help the organization to deal with any leadership challenge at that level.