Indic Wisdom

The past has never been a more unreliable source of knowledge and stability as it is today in the VUCA world. Leadership in today’s context calls for digging deep within, both for discovering one’s anchorage and meaning, as well as to tap into one’s intuition and insight in order to discover adequate responses to the challenges one faces. Therefore, will, more than skills, is the primary component that determines one’s ability to succeed in Leadership roles.

Evoking one’s will involve a process of continuous inner work that enhances inner preparedness and response capacity.

Leadership Development approach needs to focus on the process of enabling people to think, feel and act from ‘outside the box’.  This threshold cannot be crossed by internalizing a set of skills, it is a result of will. Will is developed internally, and the evocation of the personal dream as well as the drive to impact one’s world while being anchored in oneself are the key to awakening the will.

Our Leadership Development approach takes inspiration from Indic wisdom. It leans on yoga, Mahabharata and indigenous theatre to offer a life changing experience. The participants will also work with a set of personal practices that they can use to internalize the learning. Through the regular application of these learnings, each participant will become the best that they can be.

The training modules are also sessions that introduce the aspirant to the practices that help one tune in to their Leadership aspiration. The Leadership Development program is designed to enable the practitioner to delve within, clear up the cobwebs that inhibit self-expression, discover meaning and purpose to commit to and create a context for influencing one’s system.