Five Voices of Business

The turbulence of the VUCA world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity is not limited as something external to the organization but is also mirrored within the internal processes and systemic realities. In our attempt to decode this complex environment, it is essential to view the business as a dynamic interplay of five key and distinct voices that make divergent demands on it.

They include:

  1. Voice of Customer
  2. Voice of Deliverability
  3. Voice of Wealth
  4. Voice of Associates
  5. Voice of Dharma

These diverse voices coexist and often compete for the attention of organizational leadership. They are constantly morphing and changing and the demands they impress upon the relationship are equally challenging as well. Each voice in its dynamics with the others has its convergent pulls that create a sense of continuity and stability. However, this interplay also exhibits a series of discontinuous pushes that create divergences within the system. The 5 Voices of Business help the aspirant use their inner will into the business space and help visualize the “best I can be”. It does so by grounding you in the reality of the today, yet allowing you to dream of building capabilities that shape the future, and also keep you ready to respond to the unknown demands of the future.