Awaken the Shakti Within

A Leadership Program for Women!

Based on the 5 Seats of Power, the Awaken the Shakti Within program is designed to help Indian women leaders navigate the specific challenges that only women face in organizations. Participants in this program work on both the internal limitations they set themselves as well ways to approach the external challenges.

The program creates an interactive and reflective space for participants to engage with the typical challenges they face in organizations such as:

  • Defining success- Does it have to be about the C-suite
  • The effect of the glass ceiling
  • Inability to assert oneself
  • Guilt on making choices affecting their work life balance
  • Not being able network effectively
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Difficulty In becoming visible and creating a personal brand

We believe that more than gender – the individual’s archetypal energies impact the external reality. While women leaders face challenges which are different than what their male counterparts face – the understanding of the inner drama is the key to overcoming them.

Designed specifically for women the Awaken the Shakti within program is an experiential, reflective and customized experience built on years of research on contemporary Indic wisdom. It leans on yoga, Mahabharata and indigenous theater to offer a life changing experience. The participants will also work with a set of personal practices that they can use to internalize the learning. Through the regular application of these learnings, each participant will become the best that they can be.

Key outcomes:

  • Exert greater influence over the choices you make
  • Navigate complex relationships
  • Build and leverage strategic networks in which you engage authentically
  • Implement your personal leadership strategy
  • Build a continuous practice of being the best that you can be
  • Be part of a senior women leader network