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The Heroes Within

What are the propensities and perceptions that drive you in your day to day? How can you harness and balance the qualities of five ancient princes to unleash your inner heroic potential?

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Our Story

Current management gives us plenty of strategies and formulas to success, yet when it comes to building a rich inner world, the tools aren’t clear. We believe that it is time to turn to indic wisdom to help us look inwards, and acquire the strength, resources and resilience to face the VUCA world we find ourselves in today.

The Times We Live In

Our co-founder Raghu Ananthanarayanan, talks about Quinnergy’s work

Our Clients’ Voices

Journey of self-leadership

“Sattva often works in situations of high ambiguity and change. This requires our people to be self-aware and display high levels of  self leadership. Quinnergy ‘s interventions helped our team members ask themselves “In doing what I am doing what am I really doing?” The program helped our people start off on a journey of self-leadership and become more resilient.”

Co-Founder & CEO - Sattva Media

Trust leading to a strong team culture

“We embarked on a leadership development program with Quinnergy called The 5 Seats of Power. It has really helped our leaders understand the heroic potential that exists within them and in their team members. We are able to have healthy confrontations and dialogues, with greater authenticity and trust leading to a strong team culture.”

Founder & CEO - OrangeScape Technologies

Deep introspection for aspiring leaders

“Raghu Ananthanarayanan and his team have impacted the leadership thinking of aspiring leaders in TCS for over a decade by using a contemporary lens to understand the Mahabharata. Their Workshop encourages a deep introspection into one’s own life journey and evokes a commitment in the participant to become the best one can be. The coaching sessions that follow provide the personal attention needed to nourish the growth of the individual. Bringing this approach to a wider audience is a very welcome step.”

Former MD and Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services

Transforming Business

“Raghu Ananthanarayanan and his team have enabled both Business Transformation and Leadership Development in the Murugappa Group for more than 3 decades. Beginning with the turnaround of Parry Sugar and Parry Agro, Raghu went on to help the restructuring of Tube Investments and Organization Alignment at TI Cycles. Their work is based on Indic wisdom and draws from our rich spiritual heritage. It is as relevant today – even more so – to navigate the confusing times we live in“


Former Chairman, Murugappa Group

Behind the scenes

Breaking the ice

Awakening inner heroes

Round table productivity

Sharing Learnings

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